Monday, 26 September 2016

Thank You, Jill!!

How epic is this crochet kit?!

I think I know what to make people for Christmas now!

Thank you so much Jill for an amazing package! You're the best! <3


Saturday, 24 September 2016

Ask a Stupid Question...

Something For Me

So I decided to start a new blog.

I've kept blogs for years now but they usually revolve around my crochet work, like my blog for my Etsy store. I've fallen into a pattern, it seems. I work really hard on the blog for a month - update on my shop's new items and W.I.P's on things customers can expect, almost daily. I write and publish new free patterns every week. But rarely do I just write what I feel like writing - I always keep it connected to my business. And, ultimately, I end up neglecting said blog for months on end after this stint as I feel under pressure to keep productive. I even paid for private hosting and a domain name - which is NOT cheap - so that's all added pressure on me.

I miss blogging for blogging sake - i.e. talking about random stuff in my life that interests me. I mean, I can hardly use my business blog to talk about my Blythe doll collection or my fears about leaving the house.

And so this place was born, late last night whilst talking to my best friend Jill. She has recently revived her awesome blog (One Pink Hippo - check it out!) so I decided I'd start a new one myself too. For Me.

I don't know how often I'll update - maybe every day, maybe once a month. But that's what I look forward to - it's a casual blog that's there when I need it - there's absolutely no pressure. And I can talk about what I like :P

So yeah, feel free to join me if that takes your fancy! I appreciate your company <3